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Wii U will have Netflix

This news is hardly surprising seeing as the Wii had Netflix and the Nintendo 3DS will have Netflix soon but it’s still good to hear. While being quizzed on the Wii U Iwata let slip that the console would have the service. This was his response to a question on what kind of gender ration […]

Analyst: Nintendo should aim for $300 or less

According to analyst, Mike Hickey if Nintendo want the Wii U launch to be successful they should aim for a pricepoint of $300 or less for the new system. “Nintendo should be thinking $300 or less for their new console,” Hickey told NowGamer. “The ability to successfully launch game centric hardware within our current economic […]

Sony: The Wii U is so 2006

President of Sony computer Entertainment America, Jack Tretton seemed pretty unaffected by the Wii U. When asked about PlayStation 4 he said that Nintendo’s new system has not made them hurry up with their next console. I didn’t see anything about Nintendo’s announcement that said ‘Oh, we’d better get working on rolling out a new […]

Nintendo: More third party support to come

If you were worried about the lack of third party support on the Wii U then worry no more, because as well as Nintendo securing the support of EA, they also have other developers who are interested in developing for the system. In an interview with Toronto Thumbs, Matt Ryan from Nintendo Canada mentioned that there […]

Take-Two are interested in the Wii U

Karl Slatoff, chief operating officer of Take-Two has mentioned his interest in the Wii U in an interview with VentureBeat. Though he admits that they are not announcing anything yet his words seem promising. “Yeah. We haven’t announced any specific support for Wii U at this point, but anytime you’ve got a new platform that […]

Latest Wii U dev kits coming some time in July

Nintendo is currently updating their current dev kits, with the new hardware making it to developers sometime in July. With Reggie saying that we have only seen 10% of what the Wii U can do and the recent news that the developers current Wii U units are underclocked this is quite interesting news. When those […]

Multiple Wii U controllers is theoretically possible.

Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo has re-confirmed that it is possible for multiple Wii U controllers to be used at one time. While speaking to Japanese gaming magazine, Diamond Online. he said that it is possible to use the Wii U with multiple controllers. It’s good to know that on the technical side of things […]

How far can you go with the Wii U controller?

We know that the Wii U’s controller will be able to play games without the use of the television set but what will the range of the controller be? Will you be able to play in your bedroom? At your friend’s house over the road? Iwata has shed some light on these burning questions, and […]

Wii U could get Streetpass and Spotpass updates

Two of the key features of the 3DS may become compatible with the Wii U. Streetpass which allows 3DS systems to transmit data to each other instantly and Spotpass which allows the 3DS to connect to wireless hotspots and receive data are key features of the Nintendo 3DS but it could be that the Wii […]

A closer look at the Wii U console and tablet controller

The Japanese website Inside Games was fortunate enough to get close to a Wii U console that wasn’t locked into a bulletproof capsule, and took a few nice close-up shots of it for us. Hit the break to see all seven of their pictures!