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70 Wii U games in development and other E3 2012 rumours

Forget The Box, from whom we’ve heard that the Wii U might feature eReader-like capabilities and that Nintendo are working on at least three new franchises for the console, have another batch of Wii U rumours for us, this time regarding what we can expect to see of the console at E3 2012. According to their […]

Wii U was originally planned to have analogue sticks

It seems to be the case that analogue sticks, similar to the ones on the GameCube, had been planned for the Wii U controller. A pre-E3 version of the controller shows analogue sticks raised from the controller’s surface. This differs from the version we know of now, which has sliding circle pads similar to those found on […]

Sakurai ready to begin work on Smash Bros. Wii U

Super Smash Bros. was announced for the Wii U and 3DS back at E3 2011. Since then, it has become one of the most anticipated games coming to the Wii U even though development hadn’t even started. It now seems that Masahiro Sakurai is finally ready to get to work on the titles. Over the months […]

Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs slated for Wii U

You may or may not remember the announcement of Saber Rider and the Star Sherrifs for the Nintendo 3DS and iPhone back in 2011. It was later revealed that the game would also be making its way to the Wii, Xbox Arcade, and PlayStation Network. This week, Firehazard revealed their E3 footage of the game – […]

The Wii U will be “at its best” at launch

We’ve heard this a few times before, but at yesterday’s investor relations meeting, Iwata took the time to reassure us that his company “learned a bitter lesson from the launch of the Nintendo 3DS” and will do everything they can to make the Wii U fantastic right at launch. For the launch of new hardware, […]

Nintendo to rename the Wii U?

CVG have caught wind of a rather interesting rumour – and one that I personally hope is true. “Serious discussions” are apparently being held between Nintendo’s higher-ups over the Wii U’s name, debating whether it will be strong enough to differentiate the console from its predecessor. I don’t think anyone can blame Nintendo for wanting […]

Jools Watsham has faith in the Wii U

During an interview about Renegade Kid’s latest game, Mutant Mudds, the Wii U came up; and Jools Watsham, the studio’s founder, shared his thoughts on it: I was able to check it out at E3 last year, but we have not signed up as a developer yet. We’ve been too busy with the 3DS! I […]

Nintendo’s new online service is called ‘Nintendo Network’

The above image of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy‘s boxart has been making rounds around the Internet today, as it depicts a new, unfamiliar Nintendo Network logo. As shown in Mario Kart 7, Nintendo Network is the new online service Nintendo introduced to succeed the oft-criticized Nintendo WiFi Connection – or at the very least, it’s a great re-branding of […]

Will the Wii U have an app store?

Rumour has it that the Wii U will feature a “full-blown app store”. Unlike the Wii Shop Channel and the 3DS’s eShop, which focus on games and the most basic of utilities, this Wii U store will feature a “wider variety of apps”. A Major League Baseball app was specifically mentioned as a possibility. Wii […]

Holiday 3DS success could signal big impact for Wii U release

Even though the Nintendo 3DS seemingly had some struggles since its release in March, the holiday season is often the barometer for games and success. Nintendo have certainly tried to pull out the winter stops with late-year Nintendo 3DS releases like Super Mario 3D Land and upcoming titles like Mario Kart 7. According to multiple reports, the […]