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The Wii U controller isn’t final

While the Wii U console itself has been finalized, there’s a chance that the Wii U controller isn’t. Industry Gamers, who spent some time with the console at CES, had this to say: Though Nintendo didn’t confirm that the controller design is final, we definitely feel they are close to a finished product. “Not confirmed” […]

Developers are now working with final Wii U dev kits

At CES, Nintendo told IndustryGamers that third-party developers “have already received final [Wii U] devkits”. If the development kits have been finalized, I can’t imagine the final retail unit being too far off – which we’re going to be seeing at E3 in less than five months.

[Video] Tokyo Street “Panorama View” Demo

Back at E3, Nintendo showed off a special, private Wii U tech demo that demonstrated the new controller’s gyroscopic sensor. Often referred to as the “Tokyo Street Demo”, the word about it spread but Nintendo refused to let anyone record footage of it. The veil on this elusive demo (officially titled “Panorama View”) was finally […]

[Video] Reggie talks Wii U at CES

Reggie was interviewed about the Wii U by Spike TV at CES; and while he didn’t make any groundbreaking announcements, he was happy to provide a vague insight into Nintendo’s plans for 2012 and the Wii U’s long-term strategy. I’d recommend watching the full video interview above, seeing how many points he touches on, but […]

Nintendo may be on its fourth or fifth Wii U dev kit

It could be that Nintendo are on their fourth or fifth Wii U development kit. A member over at NeoGAF has uncovered a document on a Singaporean government site that suggests just this. The Wii U’s release date is steadily approaching, though no exact date has been revealed. All we know it will launch sometime after April 2012.

Holiday 3DS success could signal big impact for Wii U release

Even though the Nintendo 3DS seemingly had some struggles since its release in March, the holiday season is often the barometer for games and success. Nintendo have certainly tried to pull out the winter stops with late-year Nintendo 3DS releases like Super Mario 3D Land and upcoming titles like Mario Kart 7. According to multiple reports, the […]

Japanese gamers not interested in buying the Wii U?

A survey by Goo Research in Japan has pointed towards a lack of interest in the Wii U. Of the 1083 people who they polled, only 9.4% said they wanted to buy the Wii U, 36.1% expressed interest but did not want to buy it, and the remaining 54% said they were not interested. As with […]

Rumour: Sonic Dimensions in development for Wii U?

In the absence of a Wii U port of Sonic Generations, quite the rumour has broken out over an entirely original Sonic project for the console titled Sonic Dimensions. Now, if you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’ll know the drill with rumours – no matter how fantastic they sound (a certain Emily […]

Wii U Go turns one year old!

As of today, exactly 365 days have passed since I created Wii U Go. I started this blog last September, long before we had heard anything about Project Café, with the mission to bring all sorts of news and juicy rumours about the Wii’s successor together on a single, convenient blog. Back then, it went […]

Runescape might come to the Wii U

  Mark Gerhard, CEO of Jagex, is enthused about the possibility of bringing Runescape to the next generation of home consoles. I think they [Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo] will open up their platforms a bit more, liberate them a bit more. It’s just a matter of time. But we’re well placed to be on all […]