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The Wii U’s design is almost final

Like how the Wii U’s controller looks? If you do then you might be happy to learn that the Wii U’s design is pretty much final. While speaking to VentureBeat Reggie Fils-Aime (Nintendo of America) explained that they had nearly reached the final form that the Wii U’s controller will be. “In terms of the form factor […]

Iwata: The Wii U ‘is not going to be cheap’

Seeing the sheer amount of awesome tech the Wii U packs, I wouldn’t blame you for being worried about what it’s gonna cost – even I’m concerned about it. Nintendo is refusing to provide even a ballpark figure for how much it’s gonna go for, but Satoru Iwata just went on record saying that it’s […]

Wii U drops GameCube backwards compatibility

That’s it, to put it bluntly. Reggie confirmed just a couple of hours ago that the Wii U won’t play any GameCube games. Nintendo’s reason for this is unknown, but my bet is that they want to move on and leave the GameCube in the past. Before you ask, the new console doesn’t have any […]

Reggie: Wii U’s online capabilities to be revealed in the next few days

One of the features not talked about at E3 (which also happens to be the feature I’m dying to know about) is the Wii U’s online capabilities. The Wii wasn’t exactly world renowned for its online features so it will be interesting to find out how they have improved on this. CEO of Nintendo, Iwata, […]

A public video address by Reggie Fils-Aime

Right as Sony’s conference came to a close, Nintendo put up a short video clip by Reggie to help stir the buzz for their show tomorrow (not as if they needed it). Just look at that content grin on his face. I think Reggie knows he’s got E3 in the bag. Is your body ready?

Reggie: “Wii’s price drop was perfect timing”

On the heels of Nintendo’s announcement of the Wii’s price drop to $150, Reggie Fils-Aime had a few things to say. Most importantly, he believes that this price drop was a crucial step into the Wii’s future. Specifically, he noted that the last generation’s “leading console” (obviously, he was referring to the PlayStation 2) “sold […]

Nintendo confirms May 15 Wii price cut, announces ‘Nintendo Selects’ collection

Nintendo just confirmed in a press release that they will be dropping the Wii’s price in North America to $150 on May 15, so there’s one rumour that turned out to be true. Not just that, but Nintendo’s also switching things up a bit by swapping out the bundled Wii Sports with Mario Kart Wii. […]

Miyamoto: HD is in, Wii 2 will also ‘feature something totally different’

Miyamoto confirms not only that the Wii’s successor will be HD, but assures us that it’ll feature something awesome and surprising, too.

Wii to receive a price cut on May 15th?

Rumour has it that the Wii will get a $50 price drop on May 15th.

3D won’t be a headlining feature of the Wii 2

Reggie said that 3D won’t be a selling point of the Wii 2. However, he left the possibility open for it to be included as a feature nonetheless.