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The final Wii U dev kits are out

Nintendo have sent out the fifth and final version of the Wii U development kit to third-party developers, according to an insider at NeoGAF. We don’t really have any further details beyond this, but it does mean that the hardware is finally locked in and developers are now working with the complete power and feature […]

Feature: Exploring JRPGs on the Wii U

Tucked away with my love letters to Nintendo have been my ruminations on the possibility of sequels to the JRPG games dubbed the ‘Operation Rainfall‘ three on the Wii U, and the prospect that the Wii U could be known as more of a JRPG heaven than the Wii was. As an fan of the […]

Nintendo preparing for third-party digital downloads

Nintendo have recently announced that their first-party IP’s will be released not only in physical form but as digital downloads as well come August when they launch their retail download service.  Now Nintendo have confirmed that they will be working on a system allowing their third-party developers to release their content as digital downloads as […]

Nintendo to provide free middleware to Wii U developers

One very interesting bit of news that has been floating around is that Nintendo have struck deals with Havok and Autodesk that will allow them to provide free copies of these companies’ so-called “middleware” – special software that stands between game developers and the hardware, which automates many complex development tasks. The package includes Havok’s […]

Multiplayer is “a big deal” for Aliens: Colonial Marines

Randy Pitchford, the CEO of Gearbox Software – who are currently developing Aliens: Colonial Marines – spoke on the studio’s approach to the game’s multiplayer modes in an interview with the official PlayStation Blog, explaining that it’s a major focal point of the game’s development. Multiplayer is a big deal for us. It’s getting a huge […]

High Voltage is now a Wii U developer

High Voltage Software have added a Wii U logo to the bottom of their website, proving that they are now a licensed third-party developer for the console. While there is absolutely no proof to back it up, current speculation has it that they might have moved The Grinder – a project we’ve heard very little about […]

Do Gaijin Games have a Wii U dev kit?

According to a recent tweet from the studio’s Twitter account, it’s certainly possible that the creators of Bit.Trip may have a Wii U in the house. Gaijin later denied that the “mysterious device” was an iPad, which leaves us with an accurate description of the Wii U’s controller. If that’s the case, it’s great to see […]

Killer Freaks from Outer Space was once ‘Killer Rabbids’ for Xbox 360/PS3

It takes a long time to make a game, so it’s not uncommon for a console launch to be full of games that were once in production for another system. It seems that Killer Freaks from Outer Space is one of those games, originally having been proposed for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. More […]

Rumour: Sonic Dimensions in development for Wii U?

In the absence of a Wii U port of Sonic Generations, quite the rumour has broken out over an entirely original Sonic project for the console titled Sonic Dimensions. Now, if you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’ll know the drill with rumours – no matter how fantastic they sound (a certain Emily […]

Batman: Arkahm City has to adapt to the Wii U’s strengths

During an interview with NowGamer, Batman: Arkham City developer Dax Ginn said that he is perfectly fine with the current power of consoles, but that he also finds the Wii U very exciting. He says that, though the Wii U makes many advancements, not all of them match the game’s design perfectly. The design of […]