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Nintendo to provide free middleware to Wii U developers

One very interesting bit of news that has been floating around is that Nintendo have struck deals with Havok and Autodesk that will allow them to provide free copies of these companies’ so-called “middleware” – special software that stands between game developers and the hardware, which automates many complex development tasks. The package includes Havok’s […]

Video: Darksiders 2 – Death’s World

Vigil Games have given us another video in the Behind the Mask series, which focuses on different aspects of the development of Darksiders 2. In this latest one, entitled “Death’s World,” the developers talk about the game world’s scale and design. You can watch it after the break.

70 Wii U games in development and other E3 2012 rumours

Forget The Box, from whom we’ve heard that the Wii U might feature eReader-like capabilities and that Nintendo are working on at least three new franchises for the console, have another batch of Wii U rumours for us, this time regarding what we can expect to see of the console at E3 2012. According to their […]

Rumour: Nintendo working on three new franchises for the Wii U?

A rumour sprung up that Nintendo have at least three brand-new franchises in development for the Wii U, by a number of different studios. As great as Nintendo’s tried-and-true properties like Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Kirby are, they do receive quite a bit of flack for constantly “rehashing” their games from year to year. […]

Keiji Inafune confident that the Wii U is “impressive”

Keiji Inafune, former producer of the Mega Man series, doesn’t have a Wii U dev kit yet, but he is “confident that it must be impressive,” explaining that “whenever Nintendo comes out with something new, it’s always good.” Even though he hasn’t had a chance to play with the console yet, he looks forward to […]

Mark Rein praises the Wii U (very) highly, will be “shocked” if it doesn’t do well

Mark Rein of Epic Games, a company well known for the Unreal Engine and a seemingly low opinion of Nintendo’s consoles in the past, offered up some seriously high praise of the Wii U at GDC. Notably, this comes right on the heels of the rumour that Nintendo tweaked the Wii U’s specs to make […]

Super Mario 3D Land director shares his favourite Wii U feature

Koichi Hayashida, the director of Super Mario 3D Land, spoke about the development of the game at GDC 2012. But although most of the interview was about Mario’s stereoscopic outing, Hayashida was also more than happy to share what he looks forward to the most in the Wii U as a developer: I certainly think […]

Is BioShock Infinite coming to the Wii U?

A rumour has been floating around that Ken Levine of Irrational Games is working on a Wii U version of BioShock Infinite. While it might sound plausible, Irrational stated very clearly last June that they don’t have any plans whatsoever for the Wii U, so I wouldn’t count on it. Plans change, however, and Nintendo […]

New screenshots of Project CARS

Lots of new screenshots have been released of Project CARS, the beautiful racing simulator coming to the Wii U. It looks better every time I see it! Hit the break for a gallery!

The Wii U controller “resonated” with Ubisoft

It’s no secret that Ubisoft love the Wii U. But while you might be quick to dismiss this as corporate excitement at getting another platform to pump heaps of shovelware out on, Ubisoft’s Hugues Ricour proves that the company truly sees potential in the new console. The new controller especially resonated with us – for […]